Dates and Limits

The dates and deadlines for the conference are as follows

01 February 2019 Launch of the call for papers
20 December 2019 Receipt of abstracts of proposed papers
30 December 2019 Review of abstracts (CS) and selection (oral communication, poster or rejection)
15 January 2020 Notification of acceptance of abstracts
30 January 2020 Submission articles
15 February 2021 Notification to authors of acceptance of articles by CS members
15 April 2021 Back to the authors of the revised articles
30 April 2021 Returning corrected articles
15 May 2021 Opinion of CS members on articles
31 May 2021 Selection of articles for publication in AISH proceedings and other journals


October 2021

·       Sending the pre-program of the conference

·       Sending of the final program of the conference

·       Sending PPT Presentations to Presentation Session Facilitators

1-15 November 2021 Training
16-20 November 2021 Conference

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