Click here to download the article submission template format. Important information for authors
  • All abstracts are submitted via an online submission system through this site. Please register on the summary submission website and establish your username which is your email and password. Submission of an abstract is a 3-step process. We strongly recommend that you complete your submission at the same time.
Step 1: Register on the system We use a website dedicated to submitting abstracts and you must first register on the system here for the INSCRIPTION. You will receive a confirmation email telling you that your registration has been successfully registered. Step 2: Submit your resume To submit a summary, you must complete a questionnaire for each summary. Some questions are mandatory (marked with an asterisk) and you will not be able to complete your submission until you have answered these questions. To submit click here to SUBMIT YOUR RESUME. Your resume will not be saved if you do not click “Submit”. You will receive an email that tells you that your resume has been successfully registered. Step 3: Confirmation email You will receive an email confirming that your submission has been received. The subject of the mail will indicate if your submission is complete or incomplete. An incomplete submission may have an incomplete answer or you may have exceeded the word limit for the abstract. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed. You must reconnect to the submission system, click on the abstract title and complete it. Once completed, you will receive the confirmation email.

Editing a submission

Once submitted, you may want to modify your submission. You may do so at any time up to the May 15, 2020 deadline – after that date, no changes will be possible and the submission will no longer be available.
  • Log in to the summary submission system.
  • You will see the summary (s) you submitted. Click on the summary title to open the file.
  • Editing a summary is the same as the initial submission process, except that the online form will automatically be completed with the answers you previously provided. You do not have to change your answer if you do not want it.
  • Once you click on “Submit”, your changes will be saved and you will receive an email confirming that your summary has been changed. Your changes will not be saved if you do not click “Submit“. You will also receive an email confirming that a change has been made to your resume.
Any questions regarding the submission of abstracts should be directed to Click here to view the Conference Circular For funding applications, visit this site: